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New items in from Soundtraxx and Blackstone

Come and See us this weekend in Milton Keynes

Have you ever wondered about owning your own Narrow Gauge Railroad, with the Blackstone Models C19's and Coaches that are available you can do just that. And give it your own name as well. So the Dry Gulch and Mountain RR can be yours.

We have just received an order from Soundtraxx / Blackstone and now have the following locos and Coaches available from stock

HOn3 Locomotives

B310213  C19 as RGS # 41 (1930's Lettering)
B310209  C19 as DRGW # 342 (Royal George Route Herald)
B310214  C19 Painted and Unlettered (Russian Iron Boiler and Diamond Stack)
B310212  C19 as RGS # 40 (with Rising Sun Herald)
All with sound at £412.00

HOn3 Coaches
B350106 DRGW Jackson and Sharp Open Platform Coach  Painted Pullman Green and Unlettered
at £78.00

We also have the range of Tsunami 2 decoders in 1 amp, 2 amp, 21 pin, Replacement Circuit board and 4 amp versions for Steam, US Diesel and Electric Locomotives

The Econami Range is now 1 amp, 2 amp, 21 pin Replacement Circuit Board and 4 amp for US Steam and Diesel Locomotives

The UK Sound Econami Decoders are available as 1 amp, 2 amp and 21 Pin decoders both for Steam and Diesel Locos.

Best regards
Ted Smale