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Report from the NMRA Convention in Kansas City August 2018

I was able to attend this convention and took the opportunity to talk to Digitrax, Soundtraxx and RR Circuits while I was there.

I asked AJ Ireland from Digitrax about the LNWI units that give Loconet a connection to WIFI, as we have not been able to order them for some customers since they were announced.  AJ was very firm on the subject and said that there were no plans to have LNWI approved for use with the EU area. It will not be CE marked and not available in the UK. He explained that the cost of type approving these units for the EU/CE marking was prohibitive and that they had no plans to carry this work out. This was because of more stringent specifications for "radiating items".  I understand from him that conventional equipment such as decoders will not be affected by this problem.

Dick Bronson from RR Circuits was demonstrating components for the NMRA /LCC bus which may be of interest to some customers, it appears to make the use of JMRI with various systems more reliable and uses a robust technology. If you are interested in this please contact us.

I spoke at length with both Nancy and George from Soundtraxx / Blackstone and understand that firm orders will soon be needed for the second run of the Ice Reefer Cars, these will have new numbers so please contact us to make sure you get the items you want.

We also have stocks of Blackstone cars and locomotives some of which have been out of stock for a long time. These are pre owned but have been inspected and tested again please contact us for details.

Best regards
Ted at Sunningwell