The Sunningwell Command Control Team

Photos taken at Warley 2007 with AJ and Zana Ireland of Digitrax at our tenth anniversary celebrations. Click on our names to find out more about the SCC Team

Ted Smale

Jon Jewitt

Alison Jewitt

Ted Jewitt 1933 -2010

Mick Moignard

Mike Taylor

Ted_Smale Ted Smale, Managing Director of Sunningwell Command Control Ltd, is first and foremost a railway modeller. In the mid-nineties he researched the various digital systems available, decided that Digitrax offered the best combination of price and performance, purchased a system and installed it. In January 1998 he set up SCC. The company was established to import the best digital command control system for like-minded modellers. It has now developed to include various products, such as sound and lighting effects and track cleaners, from other manufacturers.
Jon_Jewitt Jon Jewitt helped Ted from the start to set up SCC and is now also a director. He brings N scale experience (complementing Ted’s HO), and is particularly interested in broadening SCC’s knowledge and experience to keep pace with the growing capabilities of DCC, while focussing on the practical applications for modellers at all levels. Jon is a member of Snake Bend Modular Group
Alison_Jewitt Alison's main role within SCC is to keep an eye on Ted and Jon. She reads the manuals when they don't! and manages our show appearances as well producing our flyers and catalogues.
Ted_Jewitt It was with great sadness that we lost Ted in 2010. He was our elder statesman who kept a fatherly eye on us all. He had been a part of SCC from very early on providing great support to us when we needed it. Although in later years he was not as physically active as he had been before, he was still very able to answer questions and provide explanations to customers. We are so glad that he was able to work with us right up until his death on February 1st.
We would also like to thank all those who showed great kindness, respect and consideration to him in his later years and know that he will be missed by many on the Model Railway Show fraternity.
Mick_MoignardMick is our narrow gauge expert, modelling the 3 footers of Colorado in HOn3 at home and freelance On30 logging for shows.  Mick also finds time to carry out custom decoder fitting for SCC customers in O, HO and OO scales". He has a particular talent for the installing and programming of Soundtraxx Tsunami sound decoders.
Mike_TaylorThe newest member of the team is Mike Taylor. Mike is an experienced modeller specialising in 2mm. scale. Mike brings a new enthusiasm to the subject of DCC and it's application to less mainstream modelling scales.
We regularly appear and Model Railway shows around the country. Click here to see where we will be next.